WELCOME and thanks for visiting my site, my “home away from home”. Here I share with readers and fellow-writers my experiences and accomplishments along the writing journey. Actually, it’s a life journey. Come along for the ride to see my world and all I have to share.

I hail from the snow-belt of northeast Ohio and after my Kent State graduation, I headed to the Caribbean island of Aruba to live and work for a subsidiary of Exxon, teaching children of ex-pats. What could be better than sand, surf, and stunning sunsets? After my tropical makeover, I jetted to central Florida to teach music in the public schools and raise my son. I now live in northeast Florida, where I’m an active member of two Romance Writers of America chapters, as well as Sisters in Crime. I love Nature and wildlife, like the turkeys and deer that roam my backyard. And I love traveling to locales to observe how other writers lived, worked, and played. Writing is not only my passion, but a vocation worth the time and effort to pursue.